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I absolutely love this place, your staff and food is amazing but many times the drink has been forgotten from my order. Today the lady came and said we can get a can with our next order which really annoyed me because I don’t like my takeaways with a can of Coke and it’s ruined my whole meal. I understand that a mistake can be made and that absolutely fine but saying that I should call you guys and let you know to give me a can of Coke with my NEXT order made me really angry. Instead I would have expected this issue to be resolved and a drink to be provided with this meal. Now my husband has gone all the way to the shops to get a drink and our food is getting cold which defeats the purpose of a take away. I’m a loyal customer and don’t want to leave a bad review hence the feedback but am unsure if I would like to order from you again, not because mistakes don’t happen (regardless of this happening many times) but how the situation was handled.

Hurrain, 10 Apr 2021

Always a friendly face at the door.

Robert, 01 Apr 2021

always great food and service

Lynda, 20 Mar 2021

good vaily for money

Raven, 18 Mar 2021

Hello, Have you considered allowing cryptocurrencies as a form of payment? I know that myself and some other people in the Oundle area would love to be able to purchase from you using cryptocurrencies. I highly recommend you look at which is a cryptocurrency designed for payments. The benefits of Nano are that transactions are instant, there are no fees at all meaning you get 100% of all payments, and there is no way that the money can be charged back. If you have any questions I would be more than happy to help you. Thanks

Cyrus, 07 Mar 2021

Thank you, your great in the way you are

Italo, 20 Feb 2021

Excellent food, excellent service and thanks for the drinks after forgetting to add the 2 salad boxes. Very nice gesture.

Ankia, 31 Jan 2021

Amazing choice and food!

Tracy, 15 Jan 2021

Great service and great food.

Emma, 31 Dec 2020


Sophie, 24 Dec 2020

Nice friendly service, don't have to wait long for food. Knocks loud enough so that you can hear them. Very friendly and happy to help.

Trudy, 23 Dec 2020

filled a hole

Phil, 19 Dec 2020

Always great food and great service

Lynda, 12 Dec 2020

Ideal for the person that's on the go all day.

Robert, 09 Dec 2020

very nice food, awesome deliver time. you get more then pay for. 20 out of 10 stars. spot on.

Raven, 05 Dec 2020

Excellent food

Tracy, 04 Dec 2020

Thought we had ordered for 5.30 but came at 4.40 !

Lorraine, 04 Dec 2020


Morag, 02 Dec 2020

Very pleasant delivery

Lorraine, 11 Nov 2020


Ben, 09 Nov 2020

dont call the phone number i will come when your outside

Virge, 09 Nov 2020

Really disappointed with you tonight. We placed our order which came to £14.80 over twice the minimum amount for delivery. We then received a phone call to say your not delivering to Kings Cliffe tonight as it to far.

Lee, 29 Oct 2020

Quick service... Lovely delivery guys xx

Katie, 28 Oct 2020

My favourite Indian in the Oundle area.

Fi A, 26 Oct 2020


Kai, 23 Oct 2020

i dont understand this point system. what are they for and how do you use them. apart from from that every thing is exhalent. great service.

Raven, 19 Oct 2020